Steph Ching is a Brooklyn/Boston based filmmaker. An all around Renaissance girl, she is a writer, photographer, documentarian, production designer and traveler.

A graduate from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. The Massachusetts native first began by making short films with her friends in high school and becoming involved with the school’s photography program and jazz ensemble. Given her love for music and picture, film became an obvious choice to combine the two.

She has experience with the camera department and art direction and has worked on a number of short films, documentaries, music videos, and web-based content. Most recently, she has filled the role of Director of Photography on a feature length documentary connecting to the people of a village ravaged by the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, China. She is also working on an experimental music project with musicians of a variety of styles and influences (Project 30 in 30).

Steph plans to continue with documentary, animation and experimental work and see where this crazy world takes her.

When not filmmaking she can be found baking, hiking, going to concerts and traipsing around the world.

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