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The Sichuan Relief Mission - a not for profit organization that works specifically with the people in Deng Jia Xiang Village, Beichuan County, Sichuan, China. This group started as a means for providing earthquake relief after the 2008 quake and has continued work in the region with a focus on education and poverty issues. SRM is a group that is very dear to me, please check out the website and see what you can do to help out!

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Project 30 in 30 - A whirlwind sound, music and picture adventure. Mission: create 30 music videos in 30 days. Join us as we attempt to maintain sanity, friendship, heart and soul throughout this sure to be challenging (and sleep-depriving) process.

Norman Mailer: The American - a documentary on the life and times of writer/director/politician/social critic/family man, Norman Mailer. A story told by those closest to him and by the man himself. Check out the website to learn more about my current producing project!

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